A bit of Help to prepare a CV (Part I)

For me a CV is your future,  and therefore  it must describe your plans, your illusions, your target sectors, companies, positions, etc… to say, the next big thing in your career, I deeply think that the CV  is the future not the past, and if you see the past  on it is just to reflect the background necessary for the future. Every CV is different and unique of you, a version for today for this position. Tomorrow that position needs another CV.

It is important for a recruiter to explain what kind of company you have worked, which is the context of this position and what would you expect for a person to the headhunter or in text as much as possible in the statement of the job advertisement. Same is applicable to job seekers, one must read carefully the job descriptions. They are the key.

So a CV must be done based on a job description and an inner work of analysis if oneself suits for this position in terms of experience, competences and skills. One must read though the lines and understand what a job description means from the inside (of the company not from the outside). I would put an example and you would quickly understand. “Multinational with 4 factories in western Europe, headquarters in Barcelona, in a context of global expansion, is looking for a change oriented and entrepreneur person expert in…” . You need to read carefully these lines and understand what this company is looking for: someone handshaking the tree in several factories (one question for interview is the maturity level of these factories) and in a context of growing means that they would probably have to manage the growth, which is sometimes difficult and would require you often to travel there and have good communications skills. This can kill a conservative and quiet  person on the other side can be more than satisfying for an entrepeneur looking for challenges and boost his/her career. We must be able to read through the lines and not only get illusions by the headers of the positions that augur ilusions in our head. And all of these that we have interpretated, we must transcribe in our CV. Allowing the reader that we do have the experience and knowledges demanded by the position.

I know that your first thouths might be that considering how difficult is to make a CV, then shall I even spend more time doing more. My reflexion is as follows, you do not have to apply to interesting positions in an aggressive way by sending the first CV you in your computer files. I hear it constantly when I speak with some candidates and tell me “I need to find the latest CV, I think I have it in my computer foldiers”. That is not the answer. The answer is “I will send you a new CV adapted to the position requirements tonight at latest”. If a position is interesting for us so much , we should postulate as urgent as it is required but doing it well. If not possible, inform your interviewer of your phsyical limitations and he/she would for sure accept. The conclusion here is that for applying to a position or another we should prepare a CV or another.

Making a CV is one of the most difficult things in life, I can confirm. I always avoid it.I testify and certify: I avoid updating the CV and I usually do it when a head hunter calls me for a position. Nevertheless I always prefer it since I consider it always better,  because I defend myself better in speaking one to one by the phone. I have learnt to explain well my CV in a few minutes, my competences and convince the interviewer that I am the right person for the job.

Ideally, preparation of the CV is recommended just after a brainstorming from oneself. It is a perfect moment because of the “lucidity” and the ideas in your head and would be faster than start from zero. The standard order in a CV is presentation and pictures, degrees, extra studies, languages, professional experience, extra professional experience, extra professional experience (courses, trainings, projects) and personal area. This order can be changed for a better adapting to a job application but always with a reason behind.

And remember always be Yourself…. to be continued.

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