Personal inner reflexions: Who do you think you are.

The most complicated part of looking for a job is the recapitulation of oneself job history and all the inner rehearsal needed for the purpose. It is the most important thing to sit down and review the past looking forward to the future.

The method that I developed consists on analysing the information coming out of all these ideas and elaborate a definition more detailed and with coherence. Coherence is the Key Let us joint all the pieces of the puzzle step by step.

The question for you is : who do you think you are? It is a personal reflexion. Let us make this reflexion strictly in labor terms. What am I, an executive? Directive? Professional from which sector? And secondly what differenciates me from the others? Assertive, intelligent, creative?… the following part of this post will allow us to internalize in our profile and learn to sell ourselves based on the knowledge of ourselves.

Here in the first question I propose a small game. I ask you for your cooperation. Let us start with your profession, write it in the middle  of the piece of paper. Now let us close our eyes, and expand your thoughts and for the purpose find a close and intimate place, preferably a Sunday afternoon, the most relaxing moment of the week. Also by putting some relaxing music we will be closer to your inner YOU. What is our inner us telling about your professions? Is there any other profession you want to add to the list? Please write all  into the piece of paper. It would be normal to appear one or two more. Remember we are in a brainstorming phase and we should add all we think to the paper.

Second part think about your competences and find adjectives for the purpose to describe you. We will open our eyes and annotate all the adjectives that will come from your head. Remember to try to go mentally through all your professional experience to find all the ideas you need.

Now let us add competences, choose again a piece of paper or even better use another colour. Now it is about adjectives: For example, hard working, competitive, genuine, good negociator, continuous improver, etc.. Again pick up the most important ones that define you.

Finally we will give some coherence to all this notes to present in your professional career, and therefore to organize it. let us add pieces to that puzzle from all your career and that is defining yourself, and giving the meaning to your laboral life. The target is to able to define oneself in one paragraph. This would be your introduction for a first open question in an interview like “please introduce yourself” or “what can you tell us about yourself as a start?”It is all about finding the right adjectives that describe your competences gained in your last positions and that set differences with the others but keeping the coherence.

Now read it a couple of times and interiorize it. Here is your work life in a paragraph !!

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