Introduction to Gamification

The concept of Gamification appeared after 2010 and is the usage of playing techniques in non playful environments, with the target of improve motivation, concentration, team building, and other positive values. There are many theories that explain the human capacity of learning in a game. As wikipedia mentions gamification techniques leverage people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure.

The origins of gamication can be found earlier in the 70’s with the frequent traveller programs in airlines. WIth the activity of flying and showing fidelity to the company, the user receives points and afterwards gets free flights and other gifts.

Nowadays, like New York Times said: “A time when games are becoming ever more realistic, reality is becoming more gamelike

Gamification is entering now in the companies, after marketing and sales, started with training and education (see article in One of the most vivid example is Siemens approach to Plant Manager in the game “Plantville” where the user must maintain high the KPI indicators of how a factory is run.

This case was not only intended to train people to become a Plant Manager but also two targets one is the to show the company values and second to recruit talent for the company.

Another example is SAP webminars and trainings about ERP and SAP with gamification in a web called Batonsimulation. the Baton simulation system, helps to train the companies on ERP systems and use of SAP.

One of the most innovative areas where gamification is entering is recruitment. It needs more than 30 minutes to get someone in an interview reacting and behaving like the position filled. If you motivate people to behave like the position with gamification, not only you see skills but the reaction of people and their decision taking.

Future is bright for gamification and now is already entering the companies, in organizing worshops, trainings, areas of improvement in motivation, etc… Companies are hunger for gamification. But it needs to be said that Against gamification is that some argue that is not fun and gives artificial sense of achievement, forces unnatural behaviors. Also they argue that in order to make it fast, gamification sometimes lacks important part of the games like storytelling and concentrates in rewards. Anyway, be ready to listen more the word gamification.

(read more also on gamification on via @gamificacion)

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