what do you know about team building ?

Many people see a beehive as a unity much more important than the unity of all the bees that created it. It is simple one bee alone cannot do a honeycomb and all of them enjoy the results of their work together to do it. This is part of the systemic thinking, which is the process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole.

Many companies in the past have obviously motivated team building, but the question is, was it effective? Because the impression in the last ten years is tha companies did the same effort in creating multiple distinctions in departments. and many head of departments did the same effort to create their own “kingdom”. So afterwards kingdoms were working separate for their own goog, which is not team building.

For a team to succeed, all members must firstly acknowledge the fact that they need each other. Afterwards, they as members need to feel their membership, that they count in the group by Unity and participation. Finally interaction is the key, and here most of the companies fail in achieving members interaction in a positive way that they add and not deduct.

The last years I have seen many initiatives in companies to solve this issue with creation on workshops, specific action plan groups, etc.. With multidepartamental people working collide. And this was a good idea, I remember participating in some of them, and listening to others, understanding other department opinions, etc.. But the best was the happy ending with all departments satisfied… We created something for the company !!!

But how can a company do team building without sending their employees to a hotel separated from working environment and create powerful ideas together? How can a company make a working environment open inspiring and motivating so that information flows and teams are naturally created?

The first part of the solution is us, the employees, we need to put effort in expanding our departments with the others, listen, work, make the other departments understand which are our targets, why we do things… We cannot be always in a fight for results.

The part of the solution respective to the company, goes in improving  Project management. Companies must Identify weak points or areas of improvements, and nominate leaders no matter their hierarchy with a clear strategy, target and timingplan, so that the organisation is optimised in a 360 degrees way . It is clear that we must start to change our mind in team building, think globally about he best for the company and forget about our ego for a while and learn from te others and support them.

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