How to prepare a quick job Interview in one evening

It all happens quick, they call you, they like your CV sent one year ago, they think you could be a perfect match for the position and therefore they want to introduce you  to your future boss the day after tomorrow. And you only have technically one evening free to prepare it (you did not touch your CV in a year probably). So now?

First of all lock yourself at home or in a place where you can talk alone and listen to your argumentation. Quiet music will create an introspective atmosphere. Let us then start to think about ourselves.

First and quickly review your CV and explain to yourself who you are. Do not mainly follow the CV, just prepare a roadmap of your life where you started and where you are and why. I am _________ a professional from the ________ industry in … areas… interested in expert at________ my skills _______… etc.. Create a quick elevator, make and build your life history. If you get sucked in this stop. (because it is probably one of the most complicated things in life to step back in time and give a meaningful and positive explanation to our career). Stop because there is no time, you loose 20% of the interview but you would have to improvise then.

Once you more or less see your CV quickly check the job description, does it match? what differences? what are they looking for? have you done that before? can you find examples. Create a gap in your CV full of examples of same or similar situations showing your achievements and showing skills and competences. You got 20% of the interview now.

Same importance now is them “matching the expectations” part. Think of the potential recruiter, what is he/she expecting from someone like you… and now appear skills and competences. For example if someone wants to find a quality director, would expect someone with rigor, detailed and resolutive (among others). But if this person belongs to fashion industry, must have some knowledge of clothes. If you do not have both, reinforce the part of it that you have: experience in the sector or skills/competences. If none of them, then you need to show motivation. Another 20% of the interview is that.

An motivation is the rest. Ask yourself if you really want that position if it matches with your career path, if they can offer you a career growth, If you see yourself in that company, and WHY. That Why is your weapon of motivation. Start sentences in the interview I want to work here because… I am motivated by the position because… and If you cannot find the motivation, just simply do not go to the interview.30% more gained in preparation of the interview.

And feel yourself is the last 10% left (percentages here are for orientation depending on the position/company), just be yourself. We all want candidates because of them more than because of the technical items which can be learnt or because some experience which is always relative to candidate strong points. just answer the questions polite, connect to your inner you, and address it objectively with passion and motivation. And always because you want to. The rest is history !!




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