Changes on mindset needed for job search.

In my advice to individual  job searchers I always mention the attitude. Positive attitude.

Unfortunately to all of us, the world and society is constantly bombing people with negative messages. The worsts I recall are: “you are too old to find a job”, “there are no jobs for me”, “after too much time unemployed there are no options”. Of course these messages have a bit of reality in terms of what I call “disadvantages”.

The problem of disadvantages is when they come a reality or a truth for a person. Reality means one is unemployed for too long and cannot accept this change of situation (it becomes a reality) for example. Truth is when someone believes he/she has been unemployed for too long and boycotts his/her mindset to get out of that situation.

It is not only that I believe in the power if individuals, the power of achieving goals and that nothing is impossible. The fact is that I have seen people in disadvantage situations finding the right jobs for their profile. No matter age, no matter social or personal  situation, etc.

It is about time that we take a stand in our lives, understand and assume our realities and move ahead. Move ahead means start our own mental battleship, our machine, fight against external and internal prejudices and Focus in job search, get some advice and work hard to find a job. Change of mindset is needed and we all can do it. It is a matter of hard work and do it well.

The change of mindset needs that people see themselves as powerful job search individuals, get out the weakness (specially mental weakness) that stops, blocks or delays their activities. Because only by reaching the labor market steady and psychologically strong there can be a success in finding a job.

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