Interview went well, and now what to do?

Most of people think everything is achieved after a good interview, but on the contrary, some work still is to be done. First question is about the company. May you have met a fantastic possible Boss, might the company have impress you; it is not enough (in my opinion) to get a full picture of the company. It is needed to check the company internal organization. Many people have been surprised after entering a company and realizing it was not what one expected. There is a need of comparison and understanding for the next company. Wouldn’t you like to meet or hear from your partner friends and family and environment before marrying? Because entering a company is starting of a marriage. Therefore, one needs to benchmark the company from the inside, by approaching either people working there or ex workers.

These days most of people are available through Linkedin and by googling the name of the company. Furthermore in Linkedin interesting people can be found,be gentle and beg for some minutes of your contact to discuss the company. One of the most important thing is to carefully listen to the comments. People are polite generally and would not directly mention “difficult environments” or “I am about to leave” but mention rather “all companies are under pressure these days” or “some people are considering to leave because of the organizational changes”. The theory is that one needs to evaluate his/her own experience, there can be always a burn out” person in all companies, but depending on some comments a second contact might need to be approached or even direct questions to the company about “the rumors in the market”. Give a chance the company to explain those rumors with their own interpretation, and valorate your own opinion.

Imagine the company is in good reputation and one is looking forward to starting in the company, so now? Please be patient, be patient enough for the offer, and take that time to prepare a possible salary negotiation, and other practical details about your possible starting date or logistic matters. If, after a reasonable period of time, let us say two or three weeks, one has no news from the company, then it is interesting to show motivation, explain that even though the existence of other selection processes, one is interested in the company and show motivation. Be polite, explain how much interesting is the position for you, thank again for the opportunity and show interest in the status of the selection process. Always remember that one does neither know what is happening on the back, nor how many candidates are under interview, how urgent is the position, insecurities due to negative experiences, etc… Therefore, whatever information is given must be processed very carefully and in parallel continue with other selection processes until a positive or negative answer is given.

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