10 Key statements from Networking to follow on your job search.

This post is continuing the line drawn by the fist approach on networking on the post The key to networking…
With my jobsearch I have had and do have the chance to practise and understand myself the following ten statements on networking:

1.- Things go better on face-to-face Meetings. they are much better than cold telephone conversations. Use telephone and social media for first contact. They are really powerful tools, but try as soon as possible the coffee, the lunch, the face to face contact. One area where I find much difference is personal interviews, even with recruitment intermediary companies. And remember to be brief on telephone conversations, people have things to do than your professional presentation.

2.- The importance of getting the message through. First you must remember that the most important thing is spend a nice time with your contact, your friend,..and when asked or you think the time comes, very subtle come with “I am looking for this, needing of that…” Afterwards come back to your friendly conversation don’t spend the meeting to talk about job search. In the moment to your two minute speech is important to clearly state your needs or your message (i.e. I am looking for a job in this type of company, in this area,..).

3.- Doing networking you learn from yourself. Yes it is true. When you open your network, you meet new people, friends of friends, contacts of contacts, then is when the “out of the comfort zone learning comes”. After new people, new conversations come, new topics, and you learn from yourself, while expressing your feelings, ideas… new things come out of you.

4.- You are setting your next ten years agenda. You are making the relations now that will accompany minimum your next ten years. You will see the evolution of these people and they will se yours. In that way you will probably influence each other. You will probably recommend them for jobs, they to you. Both you will grow up together. Think about long term relations when you do networking.

5.- Stop asking for a job. And start to relax on your networking connections. We are not aware of the impact of our words for good and for bad. For good, because just mentioning your working situation, just by mentioning your target companies, areas, etc.. you are opening doors. For bad, because just showing too much interest you look desperate and people feel pity for you and rejection and the effect is contrary than expected. Not only A job comes when it comes, not when you want, but also you need to sow first to gather together after.

6.- Doing what you most like helps more. Meeting the people you better get on well, doing sports or hobbies you like, you are more yourself and when you are yourself things go very fast. I discover myself doing better networking with people with more things in commons, things go smooth in conversations.

7.- Having a clear target is the key. The theory says that your next job will appear from the less expected. But having a target on key companies and sector will drive you there in a shorter time. Make a list of companies you would like to meet and look for people there. Tell the others who you want to meet, and they can help you. This goes along with the former point “having a target”.

8.- Keeping an eye open 24/7. You are looking for a job, so keep an eye open on events, activities happening close to you that can help you to meet new people. Seminars, networking events,.. I remember meeting in conferences very friendly people that have helped me to contact others or offered themselves to forward my CV. This one goes with the point 2 of “clear message”. In these meetings be friendly, open, educated and give the best of your sympathy (and be grateful afterwards).

9.- Be aggressive is a mistake. You can burn the contact by being too persuasive, insisting or disturbing. Just in the situations you have no other options and been aware of the possibility of loosing the contact, or when you are with really close friends, it is possible and people do directly address your contact on specific issues “I want this, please connect me with that person”. But this must be exceptions on your networking, just simply relax and meet people and wait for them to introduce you others in a ver subtile and patient way.

10.- Networking means being social. Finally remember to ask for advice, listen to other ones needs, help the others just for free, and keeping a sociality as a priority in your job search. Be open to the others in a natural way making social activities. The more you are integrated in your social community and open to more people the easier to find a job.

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