How technology changes affect us and its dangers.

Most people are not aware of the impact in our lives of the current technological revolution. How many times we read that microprocessors are increasing speed in every New Iphone, do you know the last trendy App for Smartphone? I personally never thought a couple of years ago that I was going to write this from an Ipad. Who ever thought an electronic system could park a car itself? But… Are we ready for it?

The first point that worries me is how technology and applications are changing people’s behaviour. no one can say web 2.0 changed our way of socialisation slowly by slowly. to the personal freedom point of view, where stops social media and where starts private life. It Seems like the more and more private life would be a luxury. Fears of big brother come and books like 1984 from George Orwell are more valid than ever.

Marlow pyramid

Secondly, worries me the acceptance to technology, which is changing at a speed that mot people are not able to assimilate. This means that in the past we used to drive our technological changes according to physiological or basic needs. Technology has reversed this and It is slowly driving us and our progress. So who controls who? . Analysing the situation now .with social media in technology evolution, and according the Maslow hierarchy of needs, the next step in the pyramid is social networking already influenced by social media and technology. The end of the pyramid is morality and religion. what is happening now is that people are rejecting the technology in a moral way and getting more and more conservative due to fear of all this changes. Obviously this is more complicated to explain, but he conclusion is that even the inadaptation to technology is affecting morality and religion. So there is much on conservative reaction by fear of uncontrolled technological changes in my opinion.

Thirdly, a big big worrying point is technology promoting inequality. the fear of less developing countries having no access to technology. This can increase the barriers between rich and poor (inequality is probably the most worrying problem in all countries nowadays). The good news are that companies are doing efforts to take out to the market simplified products for these countries (Nokia expects to introduce a cheap version of its Lumia in developping markets). Sometimes this cheap devices end up having a terrifying success in Europe (see Logan cars and netbooks). But simplified versions of technology are necessary and need to be promoted to give people equal opportunities.

But the most worrying inequality will be obviously the access to education through digital methods or information. Same applies with rural areas and cities. There is also a high risk (going back to Marlow) in some areas but also an age diversity in technology knowledge, in the society who reject technology (“what will help me this for?”). In the new web 3.0 all webs are collided and intercommunicated making one step ahead and providing much more networking and intercommunication at work. What will happen with people not online connected ? They will be probably totally out of all markets ? What if suddenly for example you can only access the airplanes with the e-ticket in your smartphone cause sooner or later this will come? Will these people will be marginalized?

Finally, another thing that worries me is the over exposition of people in the net and also the over exposition to information. you can so easily get lost in reading articles, webs, seminars about so many topics, that is difficult to pay attention. New webs come and go that tell you what is convenient, helpful or interesting  for you. Are we loosing our freedom ? How much over exposition we have? Is internet reducing our capacity to make freely things?

My final open question is do we need all these technological changes? What do you think?

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