Today I am proud to announce the publication of my second book (now in English): “Introduction to Supplier Selection, Evaluation and Risk Management in the Supply Chain and Purchasing”.

This book aims to provide a deeper insight into the life-cycle phases of a supplier in a company from a purchasing perspective.

Beginning with the introduction and selection of suppliers, the author provides the reader with a framework of the most common steps and input criteria for the procurement process. He then goes on to explain best practices for selecting optimum suppliers, ensuring benchmarks meet a company’s core purchasing strategy at all times, and provides a simple methodology for implementing said strategy.

Once we start working with a new supplier, we need to evaluate their service rating. In this book, the reader will discover suggested criteria and methods for effectively evaluating suppliers. If, during the assessment phase, issues or opportunities for improvement are detected for a supplier, an appropriate development plan needs to be designed and implemented. To this end, the book focuses on various options for development in the areas of engineering, supply chain and purchasing with the aim of reducing costs.Finally, this book ends with an additional chapter on the subject of risk management in purchasing, spanning from the creation of a methodology for analysis, to a breakdown of the most common risk-analysis criteria, and a methodology for assessing results that facilitates the creation of an action plan that mitigates risk.

Always remember that reading makes you free and writing down your experience grows your mindfulness.

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