Sustainability and rationality in your personal life

Coming from all the excesses of capitalism, I think that we all learnt the lessons that the fast life excesses generated in not only the frustrations of the instant satisfaction but also the fear of loosing purchasing power, we reduced our material consumptions and expenses. And some of us, we love it !! Let us see some examples on how slow life can help us.

I am a big fan of a moderate materialism. There is one really interesting exercise when you are going to buy something is :”Do you really need it or is a caprice?”. Just by judging before consumption will help you double, save money for other purposes and help you appreciate what you have. We come from excessive manufacturing and program obsolescence in all our lifestyle products. Do not accept the obsolescence, decide yourself when your stuff is out of order. Some of us we forgot what was a favourite sweater and wearing it for years.

Recycle. Have you tried the experience of participating in a flea market to sell your stuff socializing with new people and applying new negotiation tactics for bargaining a CD for one euro? Totally recommended. One man trash is other man treasure. The point here is that consciousness in giving a value on what we own and establishing a value added supply chain in the society that we do not creat unnecessary trash and we all produce what we all need.

Buy local. Have you visited Italy lately? Have you eaten in small trattoria with fresh product? Don’t you feel betrayed by your own country supermarket afterwards? Why cannot you do that at home? Of course you can. Buy fresh products in BIO shops or cooperatives of local farming. Have you tried a fresh and natural tomato with salt and natural olive oil. Be a gourmet of the simple food.

Think green. It is not only about how many times a day to flash a toilet, not only about your own bag to the supermarket or recycling your trash. Think further, can you go bicycle to work? Do you need clothes made in 10.000 km? have your thought how many energy and water is needed to produce them? Keep the green in your normal life.

Be ethical. Get informed about brands and where they manufacture and their ethical attitude, would you buy stuff from somewhere where they treat workers like you would never want to be treated. Help the other locally. Giving money to NGO is not enough, we are in some difficult times where any helping hand is appreciated. Feed your soul with the happiness of the ethical behaviour.

The simple life. Slow down is mandatory. We all have a stressed life, but what is stopping you to slow down during the weekend? Nothing. Keep your hobbies alive. it is totally demonstrated that disconnecting from work in weekends increases your productivity. Enjoy a full breakfast. Take your time to walk in your city or even better have a walk in the forest, breath, take conscious of yourself. And smile. Love life.

Finally Do not waste any minute. Program yourself even if it is for doing nothing, but do all the activities you want to. I love coming at the end of the day and recall all the things I have done. Read, write, meet people, do sports, do whatever you like. Again promote your hobbies and sociability.

Do you feel after reading this post that you are still far away from a more sustainable and rational life, I am, but do not worry, be closer every day and keep the dream alive !!!

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