Motivation is the key at job search

It has been a long time I wanted to speak about Motivation. The most important feature one must show, not only at job search, work but also in life generally. We are all here in this world for a short time, we need to enjoy it at least.

Motivation is about showing interest. Whether you start something new or a new job, or a new position new career, … show interest ! !. For example, job interviews,  I have been told and I can see it when I do job interviews that motivation makes the difference. Show interest, interest to the ones that talk to you, try to listen to the others. Make comments, ask questions (respecting the tempos). You are supposed to be in the job interview because you want the position. So tell the recruiter why you do want the job, what can you give to the company, etc.

The older I get, the more I think that it is important to do things in life that lie within your interest area. What is your interest area? Things that match with your expectations of life. Some people take jobs because they are closer to home, some because they help them to learn, other to grow in Management . Which is your growing skill? If you look for jobs in your areas of interest you will be much more motivated and you will not only do better job interviews but also you will be able to be feeling more closer to complete and happy. It is important to know yourself, ask yourself where do you want to go and what do you want to do. Even if you re confused in what you want, at least you do know what you do not want. And that can help you screening job offers. At least it is a start.

And always remember,  even that you did not choose the best job, Do not give in. We learn every day. My leitmotiv is  “everything you do, do it well” , which means that motivation is inside of us. You can better or worse in your job, but showing motivation in the end you enjoy it.  Every job has an element of fun, find that fun and the job’s a game !!

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