Bicycle sustainability project in Namibia: nothing is impossible

(based on article on financial times

After reading the former article an immediate sustainability example and as simplest as possible but effective has crushed me. Every single aspect of the article needs a mention.

The basic Idea of the Bycicle Empowerment Network is a business idea based on a social benefit; to say, the benefits of the projects are re-invested in the social community. The project was based on donations and now it works like a franchise chain. First crush: business model: it suits the first principle of NGO, initiate an activity in a country that stays after your support visit or financial support.

Furthermore, the business is based on outlet bicycles recycled to which operators also recycled from marginal situations repair and improve these bicycles having economical profit on it. Second and third crush. Low price raw material going to be converted in rubbish recycled, ending up in a product, which is a locomotion ecological method. Third crash, sustainability again, no matter if you build new bicycles, recycling old ones cqusing less environmental problems. Fourth crush is in countries where mobility of work makes people go walking km. to their working place, this projects helps people that need to walk to work, go by bicycle, specially in cases where they cannot afford to buy a new one.

I keep reading the article and impresses me the ability of social associations to create local business and their capacity of monitoring and expanding in social networks. The same ability multinational companies fail or need a huge effort. Fifth crush: Expansion based on local support and convince locals about the project. Do not just build a factory convince them they need it:

but coming back of sustainability it is impressing how with a low inversion of money there is a creation of small economy. This economy since its ownership goes down until operators which are motivated like in cooperatives (sixth and final crush create cooperatives as a real economic alternative). The result of it is that benefit and continuity (even expansion) of the company is guaranteed. And that is sustainability itself, Well done !!

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