How to proceed when you know you loose your job.

              Nowadays no one is free of losing a job, and therefore we need to be prepared for it and know how to proceed in case we are informed that we are redundant in our company.
              For a start, do not blame yourself, your results, whatever if you are not told it directly as the main reason for leaving the company. If so, prepare a lessons learnt. We always learn, remember, from our mistakes, but never blame for it. No time for blaming, time for accepting reality. And always remember life goes on.  Furthermore, maybe it is a moment for a restructuring of your life. We call it serendipity, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.
              Last week I heard a very useful and strong simple phrase, “Always look ahead, never look back!” It is time to sit down with yourself and ask yourself what are the next steps, and prepare for a roadmap for the next five to ten years. It is so important as that, to live the present the so-called “right here right now”.  Live the present, enjoy every day. Also be professional until the end of the working days in that company.
            If you still have some days/weeks left at work, you have now the opportunity of saying goodbye to your colleagues, finish open issues at work, close everything or find substitutes. I recommend for it, to spend as much as possible time concentrated in your current job and finish that experience as much elegant and “clean” as possible.
           I read some time ago that we are not anymore related to companies but related to our agenda of contacts that will follow us in all our career and companies the rest of our life. So please concentrate in all your contacts, give them your card, emails, telephones, etc..
          On the other side, it is time to congratulate people you admire, also thank colleagues for their support at work. Say all the nice things you feel. Although it is never too late to tell people you like them, after leaving the company it will had some reminiscence of the past. And never live in the past, live in the future. And also it helps to close doors finish stages and open new ones.
          Even the period of time between being noticed and leaving a company, are very difficult times; Try to be as much positive as you can, no time for blaming but also no time of accusing, keep always a good relation with your current employers during and after leaving. Make a proper goodbye email and personally give hand to all your ex-colleagues. Also in parallel prepare a good recommendation letter and get it signed by the top management.
And that is all. Now time to start a new project…

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