Building my own Personal Brand through a blog.

It has been a while since I started to consider seriously the idea of writing my job search experiences and therefore starting a blog. And the story goes:

Starting a blog is not so easy, you need to prepare it, and nowadays the trend of the personal brand is there. So I sat down on a sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and did a brainstorming about myself. I decided that I wanted to write about what is around me and in my head. So I have the job search, I have the job experience (which I wanted to share) and I have my interests. These are the three main topics I wanted to write about and which I try to combine weekly, with honesty and humility.

The best thing about the personal brand is being yourself in front of the world, showing it. I mean, we all have fears of Trolls, of being shown to work colleagues, family, etc… But the fact of showing yourself to others re-inforces your “you”, gives you more security. It is difficult to explain the feeling of being useful to the online community with your experience. And I am meeting people all over the world !!

I have learnt that it is also important to provide frequently posts in the blog, to maintain the attention of the followers and interact with the readers. It is amazing how much you can learn from the others and complement your knowledge. But definitely it is a lot of effort and creativity to maintain constantly posts in your blog.

Obviously in every action about creating a blog, there is a percentage of Ego of succeed in everything you do. But I tell you, It is incredible how you can get to some people with a blog , to whom you would never expected to get.

In the end, sometimes the difficult thing in social media is to know where the ego finishes and the person starts.

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