I was yesterday in the conference “Conversations with headhunters about employment in the future: trends and opportunities” at ESADE Business School, and I was influenced for this post by the speech from Manuel Clavel about the leadership from Jesuits, as follows.

With the recent announcement of the new Pope Francis, a new era in the Catholic church is born. But with this change, wether you are catholic or not, one must admit that it has been contributed by the mediatic new Pope with a strong Jesuits idea. So is he a good leader? How much contribution from Jesuits is there?

After reading a couple of articles and checking with a friend who studied in a Jesuit school in Barcelona, these are the strong values from Jesuits that we can learn an apply to our leadership management.

1.- Humility understood as not bling-bling or show off, not the material value, the value focuses on the spiritual added vale. The love and dedication to others overall. In a company the dedication to develop people considering always the common good of the company is a plus in a leader.

2.- Culture of effort, things get on by working hard. And by the solidarity of this work is valued, and given to the others for free for the common good. But there is also discipline, heroism and this comes only with organization. Jesuits are very organized people. Are your leaders like this in your company?

3.-Motivate inspire: working together to look for the development of people, jesuits are always behind a person’s talent to develop, as companies are looking to create a labor elite. This elite is created as the future leaders for the own good of the society.

These are the strong values that influeced me yesterday and I admire and share with Jesuits.

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