What sustainable architecture is bringing us (Part I)

There are some new trends in sustainable  architecture that fascinate me, but I am not going to write to the manufacturing concept of houses and its ability to capture and generate their own energy. That is already taken for granted. New trends involve materials and house creation, here a couple of them  as follows:

Vertical gardening, I consider this trend a bit overrated since in my opinion is a bit unnatural, specially in the cities. It helps covering empty walls and widens space. but in my opinion it is much better the concept of involving the houses in the natural environment that they are (on artificial green). See picture below taken from the post “Five modern trends in sustainable architecture” from ecofriend blog. (see picture below taken from the blog)

Houses designed to allign with environment

The trend is done to break the separations: But if you want to go one step further, the trend is vertical farming a much better concept.  As mentioned in the blog ecofriend , the lack of horizontal space is making gardens and even farms grow in skyscrapers). See it for example Renaissance Hotel from Jean Novel below a picture from the Renaissance Hotel in Barcelona by Jean Novel, which as per read in diariodesign web combines the transparency of the building volume, the treatment of the facades and the use of vegetation and greenery within the design.

Hotel Renaissance in Barcelona Fira by Jean Novel

what really fascinates me and I consider one big trend in latest ten years is the change of materials. One really interesting material is Bamboo. Bamboo is considered a grass, and one of the strongest and fast growing plants.

This hotel has internal gardens all over the building taking part of the decoration and integrating in the building.

I will write more examples of sustainable architecture, specially using the brand new materials that we know for years but never thought as pats of our buildings (like i.e. Bamboo).

Interior from Hotel Renaissance Fira Barcelona by Jean Novel



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