Ten basic tips for job search through Twitter.

If you are looking for a job, twitter is a very powerful tool. From my experience wanted to share with you my experience:

1.- Open a separate account from your personal, twitter is very dynamic and friends also, but also distracting. Try to stay focused on job search, don’t waste any time. Therefore the time used must be effective.

2.- Follow recruitment consultants (use the search engine to find them or key words like “consultant” “job search” “selection company” or “recruitment”. The more sectorial the better. Other option is searching by name if you know it or in the selection company website find the “follow us on twitter” button.

3.- Make job searches. Use a profile you are interested (i.e. Finance Director) and search directly the position, automatically you will see tweets on job offers with the link of the offer included. Follow the people that post jobs and follow their timeline later looking for new positions.

4.- Be target oriented: Reduce over-information, if you added i.e. an IT specialized recruitment company and you are looking to more engineering, unfollow the IT. In the end the target is to have a useful timeline. Same applies to a contact that is too active and the topics this person addresses are not useful for you.

5.- Leave open the twitter suggestions and therefore receiving some emails in a reasonable way from time to time. Twitter will recommend you “similar” persons or companies that you follow. Be receptive.

6.- Follow Companies you want to work in and interact with them. It will help you not only to get offers if they publish but to know about the updates on the company (from company  profit results, growing areas, new product,… This will help you to know market information.

7.- Try to meet professionals like you (I- Find). One of the easiest way is to search by position or market (i.e. “Finance Director” or “automotive”) and after the list of tweets select –> people related to.

8.- Try to meet professionals like you (II-interact). In a rational usage of twitter is recommended to have only contact you follow and/or interact. To say, say thanks for follows, comment interesting post and try to establish a minimum relation. Think about your future manager contacting here, how would you proceed?

9.- Be active on twitter. Say interesting things and they will come back to you.

10.- Be consistent and honest about the information you share. It is all about personal branding. People are reading you and getting their own image of you.

This is my personal modest approach to job search by twitter, I hope it helps you.

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